personalized paper bags

Personalized Paper Bags 

Custom made paper bags is not only used as shopping bags to convey small objects from one place to another safely,but also as promotional tool for branding and marketing.As paper bags manufacturer,4PaperShoppingBags can print business information and image on paper bags as advertisement, and offer special shape and finishes to attract customer's attention. Those Personalized paper bags with special shape,trapezoid shape,interior printing,and more finishes processes  are great as promotional bags to advertise business for promotional campaign.Short run is available.

1 Personalized Paper Bags With Special Shape 

personalized paper bags

Paper bags are great as promotional bags,because paper bags are versatile to offer huge looking and feeling,Paper bags are made of paper sheet.they are available in any size and shape,so it is easy to make special shape to fit promotional purpose.As personalized paper bags manufacturer,4RetailPack specialize in designing and manufacturing quality personalized paper bags with any shape to meet your promotional event. 

2 Paper Bags With Interior Printing | Inside Printing 

How to make distinctive paper bags that can stand out from crown to impress your customer? Interior printing(inside printing) is perfect choice. Different from other paper bags that are just printed on outside,personalized paper bags with interior printing will present more quality for your business and products,That will add more confidence on your business.As personalized paper bags manufacturer,4RetailPack specialize in designing,manufacturing quality personalized paper bags with interior printing.Any color can be print on interior of paper bags,all printing can be coated with varnish even lamination to protect ink.

paper bags with interior printing

Laminated Euro Tote Paper Bags,made of 200g art paper,with matt lamination,pantone colors printing,pp rope handles,featured with interior printing with matt lamination too. 

luxury paper bags with inside printing

Luxury paper bags,made of 190g card paper,with matt lamination,ribbon handles,featured with inside printing.Any color can be printed inside of paper bags,whether it is solid pantone color or full color for fine design art work. 

3 Trapezoid Paper Bags

Paper bags are made from paper sheet,so paper bags are available in any shape.And trapezoid shape is popular way to create personalized paper bags that will stand out from square shape and rectangle shape paper bags,Trapezoid shape paper bags will attract customer's attention ,printed business logo and image will become good advertisement for promotional purpose. 4RetailPack is specialist to produce high quality trapezoid paper bags at great cheap price.No minimum order run limit.It means if you just need 200pcs trapezoid paper bags for business event,4RetailPack can manufacture for you.

trapezoid paper bags

luxury paper bags with trapezoid shape,matt lamination,feature with plastic tub handles,with custom logo printing 

trapezoid paper bags

laminated paper bags with trapezoid shape,ribbon handles.As trapezoid paper bags manufacturer,4RetailPack offer trapezoid paper bags whose long direction can be at top or basement. 

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