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 4RetailPack is specialist of retail packaging products,4RetailPack can manufacture and wholesale full range of retail packaging and gift packaging products.As reputable paper bags manufacturer,gift boxes manufacturer and non woven bags wholesaler,4RetailPack specialize in designing,manufacturing not only full range of paper bags,luxury paper bags, paper shopping bags, kraft paper bags, rigid boxes,foldable boxes,but also wholesaling wide range of paper gift bags, gift boxes,non woven bags,promotional bags. All paper bags, gift boxes,non woven bags are made from recyclable material.When you are looking for those bags and boxes for your business or personal party,you are right place---4RetailPack can produce and delivery high quality paper shopping bags, gift boxes,non woven bags at great cheap price.

Paper shopping bags are versatile enough to fit any end,4RetailPack manufacture and  wholesale full range of paper shopping bags including luxury paper bags, laminated paper bags,euro tote paper bags,custom printed euro tote paper bags,deluxe euro tote paper bags,kraft paper bags, brown kraft bags,white kraft bags coming in any size,shape and color. 

  • Laminated paper bags are great as high end shopping bags and promotional bags,4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing and wholesale custom printed laminated paper bags,laminated shopping bags coming in below specification
  • laminated paper bags are made of coated paper such as art paper,card paper
  • glossy lamination,matt lamination
  • any color of logo,full color of custom design can be printed on laminated bags
  • rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle
  • laminated bags are custom made,any size is available
  • more information please visit << Laminated Paper Bags >>

Luxury Paper Bags can add more quality and value into inside package,represent business the best. 4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing and wholesale luxury paper bags,luxury shopping bags coming in following specification

  • all luxury bags are made of heavyweight coated paper such as art paper,card paper,paper weight range from 200g,to 350g
  • we can print logo on luxury bags,even by hot stamping,embossing,spot uv
  • rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle
  • luxury bags are customized coming in any size,shape
  • short run is available,detail please go << Luxury Paper Bags >>

Euro Tote Paper Bags are great as high end shopping bags and promotional bags,4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom printed euro tote bags,detail specification is

  • Paper: art paper 157g,170g,200g,230g;Card Paper--210g,230g,250g
  • Lamination: glossy lamination,matt lamination
  • Printing: pantone color,cmyk full color,100% ink coverage is available
  • Handle: rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle
  • Size: any size is available,from mini bag,small bags,to large bag,ex-large bags
  • Quantity: no minimum order quantity, detail please go << Euro Tote Bags >>

Paper bags are perfect as carrier bags,4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing and wholesale bespoke paper carrier bags,laminated carrier bags,kraft paper carrier bags,luxury carrier bags coming in below specification:

  • Paper: art paper,card paper,kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper
  • Printing: any color of logo and full color image can be printed on carrier bags
  • Print Finishes: glossy lamination,matt lamination,hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish,eyelets
  • Handle: rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle,twisted handle,flat handle
  • Quantity: no run limit, detail please go << Paper Carrier Bags >>

 Kraft paper bags have become popular,because kraft paper bags are recyclable and cheap, as eco friendly shopping bags and economic shopping bags, kraft paper bags are available in any size,color and finish to suit different ends. 4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing kraft paper bags including brown kraft bags,white kraft paper bags,twisted handles kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags and luxury kraft bags,euro tote kraft paper bags,euro style kraft paper bags,custom printed euro tote kraft bags at great cheap price.When you are looking for green,cheap kraft paper bags with spot color logo, full color image,even hot stamping logo,4RetailPack is one stop place to get quality one with cheap price.

  • made of kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,weight range from 80g,100g to 180g
  • twisted handle is available in any color
  • any color of logo,full color design can be printed on twisted handle kraft bags
  • custom made,any size is available
  • detail please go Twisted Handle Kraft Bags 
  • made of different kraft paper,paper weight range from 80g,100g,to 180g
  • flat handle is available in any color
  • we can print any color of custom logo and full color design on flat handle kraft bags
  • custom made,any size and quantity is available
  • detail please go Flat Handle Kraft Bags
  • made of heavyweight kraft paper,paper weight range from 120g to 200g
  • we can print any color on luxury kraft bags
  • rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle,twisted handle,flat handle
  • luxury kraft bags are customized coming in any size and shape.Detail go Luxury Kraft Bags

4RetailPack wholesale wide range of paper gift bags including luxury gift bags,euro tote bags,brown kraft gift bags,white kraft gift bags,recycled kraft bags and more,Those gift bags are great for gift packaging and retail packaging. 

white kraft gift bags

Custom Made Gift Boxes 

4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom made rigid boxes,foldable boxes,collapsible rigid boxes, those boxes are great as gift boxes,presentation boxes,cosmetic boxes,apparel boxes,candle boxes,hamper boxes and more ends. 4RetailPack can print custom logo and image on foldable boxes,rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes for your branding and marketing.

4RetailPack Wholesale wide range of gift boxes including luxury gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,kraft rigid gift boxes,nested gift boxes,gable gift boxes,e flute gift boxes,wine boxes,apparel boxes coming in many popular sizes to fir different occasions.Those quality gift boxes at 4RetailPack can protect your products and add more value into inside package.We can imprint custom logo on boxes

foldable gift boxes

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4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom paper bags, euro tote bags, kraft paper bags,rigid boxes and foldable rigid boxes, 4RetailPack wholesale gift boxes,foldable gift boxes

4RetailPack Wholesale Nested Luxury Gift Boxes

4RetailPack wholesale nested luxury gift boxes,nested gift boxes.

Those gift boxes are nested luxury gift boxes.

Those nested gift boxes are made and wholesale by 4RetailPack

Nesting gift boxes or nested hat boxes, as some people call them, are a set of boxes that decrease in size with each smaller size fitting one inside another. All of our nested boxes are made from rigid cardboard and are strong enough to hold virtually any gift you choose. With a wide range of sizes, designs and colors, you will find the perfect gift box set.
Nested gift boxes are a perfect stackable assortment of rigid gift boxes in either square, rectangle, or round shapes. We offer mini nested boxes that are great for smaller gifts that can also be used for displays. Our larger sets are available in several all occasion and seasonal designs for your products. Nested Gift Boxes are constructed with rigid chipboard making it a rigid setup style box with a paper wrap glued and formed to the lid and base. Often called stacking boxes, they offer two or more boxes that can stack from large to small, and they all fit into the larger box for easier storage when not in use. The boxes are often used for retail displays and as well as gift sets. They are popular especially during the Christmas holiday season but offered in a wide range of everyday designs. Gift retailers and gourmet food vendors often use them for packaging a set of related products to up-sell for a larger purchase price. One of our customers uses these to feature four flavors of cookies as a set. Both square and round nested boxes are mainly made of recyclable material to make sure every box is 100% recyclable.

4RetailPack manufacture and wholesale wide range of nested gift boxes,nested luxury gift boxes,nesting gift boxes coming in so many colors,designs and styles.

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4RetailPack Wholesale Custom Paper Bags

As retail packaging and gift packaging products manufacturer, 4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes, packaging boxes, gift boxes.

Beside custom paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes and rigid paper boxes, 4RetailPack also customizes various paper bags such as garment bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, kraft bags and other kinds of printed paper bags. For the finishing, embossing, debossing, spot UV, hot foil stamping, UV varnishing, glossy, matt laminating and varnishing are all available.
Paper Bag Materials
All the paper bags by are exquisitely custom made. 4RetailPack provide you with a wide range of high quality paper materials, printing methods, and finishes to give help you impress your customers.
Paper Materials
For your paper bag materials, you can choose from art paper, solid bleached board, and kraft paper.
Art paper are widely used in the advertising sector, because of its high printing quality. The color of the original picture can be accurately reproduced on the paper bag, whether it is the glossy art paper or matt art paper. The solid bleached board, also called ivory board, are thicker coated paper with the grammage higher than 160gsm-180gsm. It is more durable and has better printing quality than art paper. Kraft paper bags are used for those who require higher load bearing.
Rope Handle
For the paper bag rope, you can choose from the cotton string, twisted string, PP string, Silk String, PP webbing robe, ribbon, PVC tube, twisted paper string and leather rope.
Paper Bag Styles
For our paper bag production, 4RetailPack adopt the standard bag style and use the paper bag making machine to make and print the paper bag on the flow line. Thus 4RetailPack can finish the mass production soon within 1 or 2 weeks even if the order quantity is tens of thousands of. Also the unit shopping bag costs is reduced too.
The first image below shows you the standard dieline and layout for the paper bag mass production. The second picture illustrates how you can give us the size of your paper bag for us to mass produce with high accuracy.
Custom Luxury Paper Bags Order Details
Our products are produced by following the international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS, BV.
A Complete Guide for Paper Bag Purchasing
Know your target
When it comes to ordering a paper bag, you need consider your target market so you’ll know how to choose the right materials, print design and finishing.
To know your target, just ask yourself this simple question. What functions would you like the paper bags perform for you?
The paper bag usually has two primary functions, carrying and marketing. Paper bag help customers carry items easily and conveniently, besides being a great marketing tool for business owners to increase their brand awareness, which opens up new opportunities.

As paper bags manufacturer, 4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom paper bags including laminated paper bags, luxury paper bags,euro tote bags, kraft paper bags.All paper bags can be customized coming in any size,color and shape to fit your end with cheap price.

Detail please go 4RetailPack

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4RetailPack Wholesale Custom Rigid Boxes

4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes coming in any size,color and shape with various styles.

Custom Rigid Boxes

As the name suggests, the Custom Rigid Boxes are a kind of packaging that is engineered for the packaging of things that are of immense value and importance. The heavy-duty material such as chipboard,paper board used in the manufacturing of these boxes provides extreme safety to the product inside the box. These rigid boxes are manufactured in multiple shapes and sizes based on their usage. The highly rigid bottom, walls, and top lid provide protection to the item(s) inside them. These custom rigid boxes may look similar to the four corner tray boxes, but they are safer and stronger than any other packaging of the same kind. The name of these boxes may sound very simple, but because of their reliability and durability, they are famous for the packaging of gift items, fruits, clothes, delicate items like perfumes and many other things. These boxes are shipped to the customers in assembled form, and the moment you receive these boxes, they will be ready to use.

The application of these boxes is not merely secure packaging and safe shipping. These boxes are more than that. They can be used to display things in the store, online shopping, and gift packaging. These boxes are also helpful in keeping items secure at home. The custom rigid boxes have been exclusively engineered keeping in view the manufacturers’ and customers’ requirements. The manufacturer always wants their product to be liked by the customer in the first look while the customer is always on a hunt of merchandise that is not only best in the quality but also packed in elegant packaging. The custom rigid setup boxes fruitfully serve this purpose. The sleek design and the substantial body of these boxes give the customer satisfaction that the product inside is of high quality and in one piece.

Where to buy custom rigid boxes with cheap price? Where to wholesale custom rigid boxes?

4RetailPack is great manufacturer of custom packaging products,Main products of 4RetailPack included custom rigid boxes.

4RetailPack have been working at retail packaging industry for 20 years, 4RetailPack have great experience to produce high quality rigid boxes with cheap price.

At 4RetailPack , you have endless options to buy custom rigid boxes to meet your demand.

Buy Custom Printed Rigid Boxes With Various Printing and Finishing Options

A wide range of custom printed rigid boxes makes it easy for you to get the perfect packaging solution for your valuable item(s). The printing on these boxes can also be customized according to the need of the customer and product. Several printing styles options are available to make these boxes look more appealing to the eyes of the customers. The gold, silver or copper foiling on these boxes can enhance the attraction of these boxes. The manufacturing company’s name, brand logo or the tag line will not only make it easier for the customers to pick their favourite product but also helps in branding.

Get Custom Made Rigid Packaging in Multiple Sizes and Shapes

Another modification you can enjoy in these custom made rigid boxes is to include sleeves and place holders inside them. This will make the box more useful, and you can place multiple items in a single box. A die cut window on the flip cover in the center or at a corner will also give your product an attractive look. The customer or the recipient will be able to take an instant look at the item inside the box, and it will enhance their craving to grab the box, open it and see what is inside the box. If you are wondering about where to buy custom rigid boxes, then you are already at the right place. BoxBagPack manufacture these boxes with highly durable material that promises the protection of the item inside the box and at the same time proves to be an alluring packaging solution for your product.

Enjoy the Lowest Rates & Free Shipping

The pricing we at www.printingcircle.com are offering for these Custom Rigid Box is so low that you cannot take your eyes off of it without buying it for your product(s). This low price goes even more economical on special occasions when we offer special discounts. The shipping of these boxes across the globe is free. Free shipping is available on the lowest minimum order that is just 100 pieces. Our efficient team makes sure that an order is processed and delivered to the customer in just 10 to 12 days only. But if you need this packaging solution to be delivered to your provided address sooner than that, then you must try our premium expedite service which ensures the delivery of the packaging in just 4 to 6 days. This service includes a minimal charged though.

Are you looking for the perfect box to promote your premium product?

Rigid setup boxes give your product a luxurious, quality look.

The right presentation and the performance of your packaging makes a world of difference to your clients and how they perceive the value of your product.

Our custom rigid boxes are crafted with one simple goal in mind: marry form and function. With a custom rigid box from Custom Packaging Solutions, you can expect a rigid setup box that you will confidently use to hold and deliver your product to your customer.

From the initial design meeting to the delivery of your order, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.

Regardless of your needs, our designer setup box packaging is sure to please. Made to accommodate both you and your product, each of our rigid setup boxes is effortlessly personalized to your liking.

Your product is a work of art; shouldn’t the packaging be as well? Why settle on the mundane when you can achieve the extraordinary? Excite and entice your customers with the superior presentation and durability of one of our custom rigid box packaging today.

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4RetailPack Wholesale Custom Foldable Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo

4RetailPack specialize in manufacturing custom foldable rigid boxes,custom printed foldable rigid boxes.

This is custom foldable rigid box with custom printing and magnetic closure, this box is made of 1500g paper board to build strong tray, then wrapped tray by art paper with matt lamination and cmyk full colors printing,and glued trays together to create box folding at sideway to make box flat when coming and box is easy to assemble into rigid box when use,hinged lid with flap and concealed magnetic closure,feature with gold hot stamping logo on top lid of box.

This custom foldable box is made by 4RetailPack

Nowaday foldable rigid boxes have become popular, because foldable boxes have collapsible construction that can save space and freight,they need not large space to store. In the same time foldable boxes are made of the same material as rigid boxes,foldable rigid boxes are considered as high end packaging boxes,In fact foldable rigid boxes are great for high value products and gift items–cosmetic boxes,presentation boxes,gift boxes,apparel boxes and more ends.

4RetailPack is manufacturer of foldable boxes,foldable rigid boxes and collapsible rigid boxes. Gift Boxes Shop can use wide range of paper board,wrapped paper to build foldable boxes and can print any color of custom logo and image on foldable boxes,Gift Boxes Shop offer hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print and highlight custom logo and pattern on foldable boxes that add more quality looking.

4RetailPack also offer different methods to close boxes firmly,popular options are magnetic closure and ribbon closure.

When you are looking for custom foldable rigid boxes ,contact with 4RetailPack to get quality and cheap foldable boxes with you logo.

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Custom Made Luxury Brown Kraft Bags With Rope Handle from 4RetailPack

custom luxury brown kraft bags with printed logo and rope handle from 4RetailPack

This is custom made luxury brown kraft bag with rope handle and printed logo. This bag is made of 170g brown kraft paper with two colors printing for custom logo, and bag has euro style–it has turned top with reinforced card board at top and bottom of bag.,bag has rope handle knotted at turn top of bag

This bag is made by 4RetailPack

The characteristic of luxury brown kraft bag is that bag is not only 100% recyclable and biodegradable, but also very strong,elegant and luxurious, luxury brown kraft bag is great as premium eco friendly shopping bags for any business.

In fact in order to protect our environment, eco friendly shopping bags have become more and more popular. Kraft paper bags are the best choice as eco friendly shopping bags. And kraft paper bags are made of different kraft paper with various handles, so kraft paper bags are versatile to fit different ends. For example if you need economic eco friendly shopping bags, you can choose twisted handle kraft bags and flat handle kraft bags. And if you want luxurious eco friendly shopping bags, you can choose luxury kraft paper bags.

Usually luxury kraft paper bags are made of heavyweight kraft paper to build very strong construction, because the bags with strong construction look more quality and elegant, and there are so many options of handle,popular options include rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle.

4RetailPack is manufacturer of kraft paper bags. 4RetailPack offer not only wide range of kraft paper and handle to build personalized kraft bags, but also offer professional service to help customer to create art work,and delivery bags on time.

Detail please go 4RetailPack

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Gift Box Mart manufacture custom rigid boxes

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Gift Boxes Mart wholesale gift boxes

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paper bags supplier

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Paper Bags Mall is manufacturer of paper bags

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Gift Boxes Mall wholesale gift boxes,foldable gift boxes

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